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Meet ProWearGear

Since 2003 ProWearGear has worked with law enforcement and their working canines. During that time, officers identified a major gap in their agency issued ballistic vests for blade, spike and slash threats. Officers reached out to ProWearGear about  protection required for vulnerable areas: underarms and sides, lower front, chest, arms, neck and legs. Most officers are issued single purpose ballistic vests, many of which do not protect against spike, blade, or slash threats as do dual-purpose vests and provide little if any protection to these vulnerable areas  – underarms, sides, lower front, chest and so on. ProWearGear set forth to develop armored gear to protect officers wearing mandated single purpose vests. Officers were invited to help in this design process. Their input was critical for the  design and testing of the gear now being made available by ProWearGear. Officer input helped ensure their special needs were met. The project has concluded with a line of armored gear now available to all officers but specifically to address the needs of law enforcement, military, corrections, security, search and rescue and related professions. Research such as this is an evolving,  ongoing process and this is a step toward the goal of better protecting our officers.

ProWearGear’s strength is their interdisciplinary team, many of whom bring over 30 years of experience in research, design and manufacture.  In addition, our  Advisory Board represent interests including law enforcement, military, corrections and security professionals who work together with our legal, business and marketing professionals.  ProWearGear manages all aspects of the gear we build – from research and design to manufacture and marketing. All gear is proudly made in the USA as well as in Canada and is Berry Amendment and NAFTA compliant. Custom designs and applications are a specialty.

ProWearGear builds an integrated, expandable soft body armor system which is scaleable.  This elite product is built to NIJ spike protection at Standard 0115.00. Multiple protection levels are available – Level 1, the lightest, to Spike Level 2, the mid-range, to  Level 3, the highest protection level, then adding  ULTRA GUARD, a ProWearGear patented fabric technology, provides even higher protection. Our armored gear is designed to be worn together with agency issued ballistic or spike vests to protect vulnerable areas including – under arms, sides, lower front , chest, neck, legs, arms and more.

How ProWearGear Soft Body Armor System increases officer safety and protection:

  • A Single Purpose Ballistic Vest now works like a Dual Purpose Vest with ProWearGear.
  • Full 360 body protection in addition to smaller areas of under arms, sides, lower front ,chest, neck, legs and arms.
  • Provides protection from spike-blade-slash threats plus animal, plant, natural and environmental hazards.
  • ProWearGear protection is unbelievably light, lean, mean, flexible and fire retardant.
  • Our Comfort – Flex Fit design work for women and men contours, and is an integral benefit of our protective fabrics.
  •  This is a scaleable,  integrated, expandable Soft Body Armor System.
  • Officers can say ‘Good Bye to stiff, inflexible gear’ with the ProWearGear system.

We welcome your inquiry – to learn more about your specific needs and customization options, and share information on how the ProWearGear Soft Body Armor System can help reduce injuries and better protect officers.

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