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ProWearGear is custom made for each individual wearer, the industry standard for  stab and ballistic vests. They are therefore FINAL SALES  and based on measurements provided. However gear can be exchanged if fit is an issue. To ensure proper fit, taking accurate measurements is key.  Contact ProWearGear for questions pertaining to achieving  the best fit for your gear,  test garment for size and any added service ProWearGear can make.

To Exchange Products, register the product to be exchanged with the Exchange Form found on the Contact Us Tab – FORMS link

If you purchased a ProWearGear product through our website and need to exchange it , follow these following steps:

  • Step One:  obtain an Exchange Ticket Number by calling customer service toll free 888-881-5959 or email at
  • The Return Ticket Number authorizes product return and confirms return date.
  • Step Two: Customer Service will contact you to discuss the reason for return and mailing instructions.
  • If the product is under warranty and product care has been met, ProWearGear will replace or repair the gear free of charge if it is new or pro-rated based on length it has been in your use.

In cases of warranty issues, an independent third party Fabric Test Facility may be consulted to confirm that garment standard, manufacturing compliance, garment care and overall compliance have been met for warranty application.

NOTE: Warranty is separate from the Initial 30-Day Exchange Policy.


  1. If defective, there is a  30-Day Initial Exchange Period for Defective New Product
  2. Step 1:  Contact customer service or call toll free 1-888-881-5959
  3.  This step will start process to provide you with an Exchange Ticket Number to accompany the Exchange
  4. The Exchange Ticket Number confirms our conversation, authorizes product exchange and confirms when the transaction started.
  5.  Email protect@ProWearGear with subject line “Place an Exchange – Warranty Request for Exchange Ticket Number #______” and include the completed form
  6. Customer Service will call to confirm reason for return – Defective, Warranty or Other and outline next steps.
  7. If under Warranty and product care has been met, ProWearGear will provide further instructions by email to replace or repair the product.
  8. In cases where warranty issues cannot be mutually resolved, an independent third party Fabric Test Facility may be consulted to confirm compliance of garment manufacturing  standards and that garment care and handling have been met for warranty application.
  9. PLEASE NOTE: Warranty is separate from the 30-Day Initial Exchange Period for defective New Product
  10. To RETURN GEAR, go to Products Tab – Forms – Exchange or Warranty
    • Initial 30-day Exchange on Defective Gear
    • Warranty Exchanges


a) Initial 30-day Exchange on Custom Made Gear.

b) Warranty Returns-Exchanges.



If products were purchased gear directly from ProWearGear or through one of our agents and was found to be defective, contact ProWearGear for prompt warranty service. If the product is under warranty, has been maintained according to details outlined in the Product Care manual and has not been abused, ProWearGear will determine the best action – to replace or repair it free of charge.



ProWearGear products sold by a non-authorized agents/dealers are not eligible for warranty repair or replacement by ProWearGear, because we cannot guarantee the authenticity of such products.  Please contact ProWearGear for a full list of authorized agents/distributors.


ProWearGear is pleased to accept pre-authorized return and warranty shipments with a Return/ Exchange Ticket number. The following steps outline the procedure to action these shipments:

  1. The Return/ Exchange Ticket number is required in order to complete this form.
  2. To obtain  Return/ Exchange Ticket Number, go to CONTACT US tab, FORMS menu Return Shipping Form.
  3. Email completed form to
  4. ProWearGear will issue  you the Return Shipping Authorization Number by return email
  5. Complete your shipment to ProWearGear. The shipment  can be tracked in transit.