Armored Gaiters


Available in:  Standard Black

Custom colors/trims upon request

These traditionally designed gaiters are lined with ULTRA-GUARD,  a ProWearGear patented fabric technology which  provides premier protection at greater than NIJ Spike Level 3, Standard 0115.00. It is the protection of choice for a wide variety of spike, blade, slash threats and a host of animal, plant and environmental hazards. It protects from snakes, cholla and barrel cactus, masquite, HD needles, glass, dogs, barb and razor wire. Field tested, these gaiters are light, lean, mean, flexible and fire retardant. Lighter protection at NIJ 2 and NIJ 1 Spike Levels are available for less aggressive situations. 

External Carrier

  • built of  tough 1000 denier Cordura nylon fabric,
    is an industry standard fabric.

  • inside seam zipper.

  • adjustable pull tab at top to tighten under knee.

  • adjustable webbing anchors gaiter under shoe heel.

  • gaiters are sold in pairs.

Protection Level 

  • ULTRA-GUARD:  a ProWearGear patented fabric technology, provides protection greater than NIJ’s highest level – NIJ Spike Level 3, Standard 0115.00.  In addition to knives and spike protection, ULTRA-GUARD is effective 360 protection from snakes, dogs, cactus including cholla and barrel, razor and barb wire and other natural and animal hazards.

  • ULTRA-GUARD was FIELD TESTED at a Snake Farm, Laredo, TX. An 8’ Diamond Back Snake could not puncture ULTRA-GUARD, no venom was expelled and snake could not be taunted to take a second strike.

  • CLASSIC: is NOT snake proof; is designed for lighter wear; yet  resists knives, spikes, K9 bites; most natural plant, animal  and environmental hazards and provides NIJ Spike Level 3, Standard 0115.00 protection.

  • To learn more about  the unique benefits of the CLASSIC and the ULTRA GUARDvisit the Protection Options Page to view the videos and read more about the what the fabric benefits and features are.


Real World Scenarios

Field tests on ProWearGear fabrics confirm the following could not puncture these fabrics.

  • Spyderco Police and Gerber Tactical Knives
  • Cactus from Cholla to Barrel
  • Broken Bottle Glass Shards
  • Security Fences from Barb to Razor Wire
  • Needles from
    Hypodermic to Cattle Guage
  • Police Dogs at National Trials
    for Aggression Training
  • 8’ Diamond Back Snake
    No Venom Expelled
  • Fire Retardant test was
    No Drip No Melt