How It Protects

ProWearGear panels protect body vitals not protected by traditional single purpose ballistic two-piece vests: the underarms and sides, front abdomen, chest, neck, legs and arms. These panels are built with the same high quality fabric that protects from blade and spike threats.

Benefits of the ProWearGear Integrated -Expandable Soft Body Armor System

  • Light, lean, flexible and fire retardant gear gives ultimate protection and comfort fit for men and women.
  • Protective panels rated NIJ Spike Level 3 (National Institute of Justice) based on NIJ Standard 0115.00 approved for Spike Resistant Personal Body Armor against circular penetrators and edge blade weapons.
  • To meet aggressive spike/blade/slash threats, ProWearGear offers multiple protection levels with CLASSIC 1,2, and 3  which are equivalent to NIJ Spike Level 1, 2 and 3(highest). The addition of ULTRA GUARD to CLASSIC 1,2, and 3 provides even higher protection.
  • Protective panels are inserted into pockets and panels can easily be removed from the external carrier for care/cleaning, the same way a ballistic vest is cleaned, or for replacement.
  • Standard Duty gear includes t-shirts, jackets, coveralls, and leg gaiters. Other gear will be offered at a later date.
  • Built to last with professional mil grade materials and construction for quality, durability and easy care.

Single Purpose Ballistic Vest protects like Dual Purpose Vest with ProWearGear

Many officers are issued single purpose ballistic vests, which leaves areas of the upper body vulnerable and unprotected. Ballistic vests are single purpose for ballistic threats unless rated dual- purpose for ballistic plus spike/blade/slash treat protection. ProWearGear transforms a single purpose ballistic vest into a dual purpose vest by providing effective protection from spike/blade/slash threats.

  • ProWearGear – Designed to be worn under mandated ballistic vests.
  • Provides officers with NIJ Spike Level 1, 2 or 3 Protection while the existing ballistic vests provides ballistic protection.
  • Ballistic vests and ProWearGear work together to create a dual-purpose vest from the originally issued single purpose ballistic vest – a unique and effective option for officer protection from spike/blade/slash threats.
  • Custom options and sizes are available to meet agency needs and to ensure a uniform agency look.

Real World Scenarios

Field tests on ProWearGear fabrics confirm the following could not puncture these fabrics.

  • Spyderco Police and Gerber Tactical Knives
  • Cactus from Cholla to Barrel
  • Broken Bottle Glass Shards
  • Security Fences from Barb to Razor Wire
  • Needles from
    Hypodermic to Cattle Guage
  • Police Dogs at National Trials
    for Aggression Training
  • 8’ Diamond Back Snake
    No Venom Expelled
  • Fire Retardant test was
    No Drip No Melt