Armored T-Shirt


Standard:  Black    Custom: Available Upon Request



With ProWearGear soft body armor system, a Single Purpose Ballistic Vest now becomes part of a Dual Purpose Vest. Our Armored T-Shirt is designed for spike – blade – slash protection and are available in multiple protection levels CLASSIC 1,2 OR 3 and with ULTRA GUARD added to any of CLASSIC  1,2 or 3, the wearer is protected to the NIJ Spike Level 1,2, and 3 and higher. The T-Shirt provides added protection for standard vests to the underarms, sides and lower front with options for chest and back areas. The protective fabrics are incredibly light, lean, flexible and fire retardant fabric and can be tucked behind the duty belt. These fabrics are inherently soft and flexible for a comfort -flex fit that easily mold to contours of men and women.

Multiple Protection levels:

  1. CLASSIC 1, 2, or 3 – spike-slash resistant for light to severe threat protection; Classic 1 and Classic 2 provide NIJ Spike 1 and 2 Spike protection,Classic 3 meets NIJ Spike Level 3 Standard 0115.00,  the highest NIJ rating for spike threats.
  2. ULTRA -GUARD – spike-blade-slash resistant; when combined with CLASSIC 1,2, or 3 as a base, provides extreme threat protection at levels greater than NIJ Spike Level 1,2 or 3, Standard 0115.00. ULTRA-GUARD, a ProWearGear Patented Fabric Technology provides kick back to a knife’s impact  to recoil energy back to the knife to reduce internal bruising and trauma.

Panels are removable for cleaning, replacement, to add more protective layers to expand a CLASSIC system into an ULTRA-GUARD  protection system.

* Armored T-Shirts must be worn BEHIND ballistic and spike vests, and designed to be worn under the duty shirt.

* The protective panels are black to blend into external carrier (orange panels are for photo purposes only).

External Carrier comes in two fabric options.

  1. Standard: made in “Cool Max”, a thin, light, moisture wicking polyester mesh fabric.
  2. Custom: made in fire-retardant mesh, a thin, light fabric, with no-melt, no drip benefits.

Standard T-Shirt  Protective Panels Include:

  • 2 Underarm-Side Guards (left and right).
  • 1 Lower Front Guard.

Optional Upgrades Include:

  • Front Upper Trauma Plate.
  • Back Upper Trauma Plate.
  • Lower Back Guard.
  • Mesh Carrying Bag: keeps T-shirt pieces together
    for swift deployment and allows for air flow when not in use.


Testing in the Real World

Field tests on ProWearGear fabrics confirm the following could not puncture these fabrics.

  • Spyderco Police and Gerber Tactical Knives
  • Cactus from Cholla to Barrel
  • Broken Bottles of Glass Shards
  • Security Fences from Barb to Razor Wire
  • Medical Needles from
    Hypodermic to Cattle Guage
  • Police Dogs at National Trials
    for Aggression Training
  • 8’ Diamond Back Snake
    No Venom Expelled
  • Fire Retardant test was
    No Drip No Melt