ProWearGear protective gear is made with high quality, industry standard materials and craftsmanship designed to meet special needs of law, military, correctional and security professionals.  We are confident in the quality and durability of our products and stand behind them with one of the best warranties in the industry.  All products are warrantied against defects in material and craftsmanship which covers normal wear, use, care and cleaning.  For details, see Warranty and Care details below. For questions, call our toll free customer care line 1-888-881-5959.



The powerful protective fabrics used by ProWearGear are among the very best in the industry.

Alone, CLASSIC-3 provides the highest spike protection level rated by the United States – National Institute of Justice (NIJ) –  at NIJ Spike Level 3 Standard 0115.00.  It is also available in  CLASSIC-2 for NIJ Spike Level 2 and CLASSIC-1 for NIJ Spike Level 1, for lighter protection which are more cost-effective. The ProWearGear Soft Body Armor system is expandable, modular and scaleable -additional protective layers can be added to the core , initial system at a later date, to increase protection levels.  Call us to find out more about these options.

The  ULTRA – GUARD, a ProWearGear patented technology, was designed for extreme edge blade and spike threats. The key benefit of this fabric is its ability to give greater kick back to a knife’s  impact with the energy being recoiled back to the knife, to reduce internal bruising and trauma.  The fabric is light, flexible and marginally heavier than CLASSIC-3.  When ULTRA-GUARD is  combined  with CLASSIC 3, the protection level can exceed the NIJ’s maximum for spike –  NIJ Spike Level 3, Standard 0115.0. Other options include ULTRA GUARD combined with either CLASSIC-2 or CLASSIC-1 for a lighter, cost effective protection alternative.

5 Year Warranty:

  • There is a five year warranty for protective fabrics used in the ProWearGear armored panels found in:
    • T-Shirt – Crew
    • Jackets
    • Gaiters
    • Coveralls
  • a five year warranty is the industry standard for similar fabrics used in spike and ballistic vests


The “Envelope” is a thin, waterproof membrane that envelopes – encases the powerful protective fabrics and protects these fabrics from degradation caused by UV light, body sweat and water.  The envelope  is like  the thin membrane that covers protective panels found in ballistic and spike vests and cleaned with the same antimicrobial product used to clean ballistic and spike panels.   The envelope and protective fabric panels it protects, must NOT be immersed in water, washed or dry-cleaned. The envelope should be protected from cuts and snags. However, if damaged, the envelope fabric should be replaced quickly to minimize degradation of protective fabric.


12 Month Warranty

Due to the fragile nature of the envelope fabric,  it  carries a 12 month warranty.  It can be replaced for a modest fee.



  • This Warranty covers normal wear, use and care of gear as detailed in Product Care section below.
  • This Warranty does not cover cuts to fabrics used in either the external carriers  that may have occurred during performance of regular duties or improper handling.

3 Year Warranty on fabrics used for:

  • Jacket  External Carrier
  • Gaiters  External Carrier

6 month Warranty for:

  • T-shirt External Carrier


  • Products must be registered within 30 days of receipt by email to contact@ProWearGear.com
  • For Warranty Form, See Contact Us tab – FORMS
  • Retain a copy of the completed Warranty Form for your records



Warranties for gear purchased through ProWearGear are assigned to the original buyer/owner or agency.  Because of wear and care of gear changes with owners, warranties are not transferable to a second party.


Products Purchased on ProWearGear.com

ProWearGear is a custom made product for the individual wearer similar to a ballistic or spike vest. It is therefore a FINAL SALE and it is critical to take correct measurements.  If at a later time,fit is the issue, the exchange will be based on measurements provided at time of order. Contact ProWearGear for questions to determine the best fit and size for gear or to try a test garment for size.






If you purchased gear through a ProWearGear agent and found it defective, contact ProWearGear for prompt warranty service. The 30-Day Initial Exchange Period for Defective New Product applies to this transaction.  Together we will review and evaluate the issue.

If the product is under warranty, has been maintained according to details outlined in the Product Care manual and gear has not been abused, ProWearGear will determine the best action – to replace or repair product.



ProWearGear products sold by non-authorized agents/dealers are not eligible for warranty repair or replacement by ProWearGear, because we cannot guarantee the authenticity of such products.



ProWearGear can only issue replacement product for returned products within the 30-day Exchange-Period.

Even though the applicable warranty period may not have expired, certain conditions may invalidate warranty coverage. By way of example, but not all inclusive, the following will invalidate warranty coverage:

  • Damage resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, improper handling, cleaning or negligence.
  • Excessive wear and tear including snags, cuts, abrasion and worn stitching.
  • Leaks to the ‘Envelope’ –  the waterproof membrane that encloses  protective panels – caused by above stated wear and tear.
  • Application of any treatment mechanical, chemical  or otherwise – that is not recommended by the manufacturer, that results in damage to the materials of the product.
  • Heat, Water, Cleaning and Solvent damage.


All ProWearGear products come with detailed care instructions. Please follow these instructions at all times to ensure the durability and performance of your purchase.  Products that are damaged due to neglect in care may not be eligible for warranty. For questions or clarification, email or call ProWearGear directly.

A comprehensive Product Care Manual for gear listed below is included in a PDF document.

  1. Protective Panels
  2. ‘Envelope’ – Waterproof Membrane enclosing Protective Panels
  3. External Carriers
    1. T-shirts
    2. Jackets
    3. Gaiters
    4. Coveralls